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Day Five. A Picture of Somewhere You’ve Been.

This wasnt that hard too choose from. Ive been to many places, countries and cities, peoples houses, gardens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Bridges, Oceans, Seas, Beaches, Deserts, Hills, Mountains, Lakes. So Many I can think of. But I only wanted to post the one Place that I really had one of the best times of my life in. I was about to turn 24, everything was perfect – Seriously I thought it was perfect then and I still think now it was perfect.


My trip to New York was only brief, it lasted for Five Days back in 2004.

The Trip itself was my birthday present from my boyfriend at the time. Five Days to the Big Apple, staying in the Millenium Hilton, which had only not long just reopened due to the fact that it was located directly across the road from where the Twin Towers used to be. That had to be the most emotional place I have ever been , to stand in front of the wire fencing that was covered with remebereance cards and photographs of other peoples loved ones who had perished in the awful atrocity of the terrorist attacks.

This photo was taken outside our Hotel on my 24th Birthday. To be precise it was the 19th of December 2004 at around about 7.30 in the morning. It was also minus 11 degrees that day. My hair was wet and froze to my head, hence the need for the fashion statemment that was this beany, purchased in Century 21 around the corner from the hotel – Man the Shop was HUGE !

(PS If youre wondering why im only wearing the one glove its because there is a cigarette in the other hand 😛 )

This is the memorial  to John Lennon. This was Yoko Ono’ dedication to he amazing Husband. Compared to the rest of the city this park of Central Park  gave visitors and New Yorkers alike a place to reflect about life in general. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop , people didnt talk, no music was playing it was so peaceful, what you cant see where the picture is cut off there was a single flower laid on the boundary of the mosaics. The Park Benches in the background were gifts from people in the UK with plaques on them dedicating them to the memory of those lost in September 11th.

At this point our faces were flushed and our hands were turning Blue from the Cold.


The View From our Hotel Room  on the morning of my birthday. We had missed the snow falling, but this was only the first snow of the day with a whole load more to come. The Church that you can see below was to the right of our hotel. The Hotel was completely smashed with steel pylons and debris. The church on the other hand on that day was totally untouched.

I know you’re asking “Where are the Pictures of the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and the Statue of Liberty?”

Well the answer to that is its all been done before everyone has seen images of those icons repeatedly, I did go to the Top of the Empire State Building after waiting in a line for just over two hours to see it. I caught the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and went to Ellis Island. We walked down through lower Manhattan down, Wall Street, Past the Iconic Bull and out to the piers where whilst on the Ferry we ate Pretzels and drank Hot Chocolate. We walked through Central Park and visited the Zoo. Said Hello to the Naked Cowboy in Times Square and ate at Bubba Gump’s.

If I could go back tomorrow I would, but theres one thing, I wouldn’t come back.