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Just say no and be proud.

For years I have always been that person that says yes to everything.  I’ve always been that person that answers their phone as soon as it rings.
I’ve also been that person to automatically reply to your email or text message. I’ve also always been that person that will try to come to everything that you ask me to go too (except letter openings – I’ll leave those to some of the lovely Z List celebrities kicking around Perth).

However, I’ve also discovered that there just aren’t that many people around that take the time to do the same thing in return these days. As we get older we tend to look at prioritizing our lives for the better compared to what we did when we were younger. That was when there definitely was a FOMO before the term FOMO even existed. We were always keen to attempt to  please all the people all the time. So if they don’t do it, then why should I? I guess it was because I felt  obligated to more than anything.

Admittedly, I just don’t have the time or the energy anymore. I’ve realised saying no isn’t a bad thing. You can say No, and nothing else. You don’t have to give a back-up excuse as to why you don’t want to go out, why you didn’t reply automatically to a message, unless it’s a case of life or death then that and if it’s your mum should be the only time you need to be getting back to the person in question.

Rushing around trying to attend every invited event, answer every call and reply to every message can cause your brain to start to melt a little. Worrying about others opinions, dramas and issues WILL indefinitely bring you down.  Setting a high standard of expectations where you believe, just because you do it everyone else should do the same needs to be completely shelved.

In our attempt (well for some of us) to do all the aforementioned, we forget what the real questions here are – Are we happy? Probably not. Are we doing these things and running around after others and validating them because it pleases us? Again, probably not. Is the instant response really what everyone is looking for? Those who break down because you take a few hours to get back to them on a general message need to take some time also to look at what their priorities are.

Just let it out; Be straight-forward and honest with everyone that wants a piece of your time. There is only one of you and your own happiness is the key here.

Be Selfish. I’m really relishing this right now. I make time for those who make time for me. For those who respect that the paths I’m looking to choose are right for me, not for them. Those who the only time that they can really contribute or comment on what I am doing with my time, my career and other life choices should be if it directly affects them. These people will not get offended if I take some time, within reason to reply, because they too understand that our own time is precious and there is just the one of us to go around.

I’m putting this out there really as a note to let you know if I do take my time it’s probably because I’m taking time for myself first, which is the way that it should be.


You’ve Got The Love..

This past week has basically been extremely crapola . Like I’m talking SUPER crapola, Remember thethe discussion with my mum  : “Shit happens but nobody expects Diarrhoea “.

I seriously copped the Diarrhoea this week.

Lucky for me I have some pretty amazingly awesome Friends and Family who have been my rock . Also there have been people who haven’t even known me for very long but they too have been gunning for me as well.

This song is for them , and if you feel like it crank it.


Girl Conversations 2

Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday.

I had two friends over last night  over for wine when we found out, the conversation went like this :

Me: “OH Elizabeth Taylor Died”

Friend 1 :  “Oh really? At least she will be with Michael Jackson now.”

Friend 1: “Talking about dead people, Isn’t Zsa Zsa Gabor dead too? “

Me : “No, She’s alive and …… well not kicking as she only has one leg”.

Conversations With Mum.

After having a rather tiresome and extremely crapola week, I went out to dinner with my Mother last night. Yesterday Proved to be the worst day of my week. In her attempt to make me feel better this was part of the conversation with my Mother.

Me : “This week has seriously been the worst week Ive had in a long time”

Mum : “Why”

Me : “I can’t seem to do anything right, You know its that saying – Shit Happens”

Mum: ” Yes well they say that but then again you never expect Diarrhoea do you?’

A Trip to Ikea.

I continually go to Ikea with huge expectations, thinking I am going to go in and come out with everything I hoped for.

This is always a big mistake.

The last time I went, I went in to get a Hallway “Occasional” Table.

 I came out with:

  • Three bathroom mats ( Yes, three because they were cheap)
  • Tea Lights – No trip to Ikea is complete without tealights.
  •  Two Lightglobes because when you own an Ikea Lamp the only bloody Lightglobes that fit it are from Ikea :/
  •  A Wok. Because my Boyfriend at the time suggested I needed a bigger pan for him to cook in – He didn’t like what I had. ( That Pan has recently gone in the Bin with the rest of the now EX Boyfriends stuff) 
  •  And more of those 99 cent vases. I already own 8. I bought three more.

I always see Ikea as being “Bargain Central” until you get to the register and realise you have just spent $136.10 on random crap that you really don’t need. Then it’s the walk out after you have got your arms full of crap and think “Hey let’s go get one of those $1 hot dogs” – Because they have so much nutritional value in them I will feel complete. I do this. My body always hates me after, along with whatever clothing I have on because I ALWAYS end up with Tomato Sauce and Mustard on my boob.

Oh Yeah I ended up getting the table. And I put it together myself in under 45 minutes .

I was stoked.

 I’m now thinking as well that next to the ball pit where they have a collection of children that I believe you can purchase if you really want to, they should create a “Buy Yourself a Husband / Boyfriend” section or “Complimentary with Every Purchase” . A man around my house putting all the crap together would be grand – As long as he was as cheap as the 99 cent Vase and I would ensure I kept the receipt as well on that purchase at least Id be guaranteed I could return faulty items and get my hard earned cash back.