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A Trip to Ikea.

I continually go to Ikea with huge expectations, thinking I am going to go in and come out with everything I hoped for.

This is always a big mistake.

The last time I went, I went in to get a Hallway “Occasional” Table.

 I came out with:

  • Three bathroom mats ( Yes, three because they were cheap)
  • Tea Lights – No trip to Ikea is complete without tealights.
  •  Two Lightglobes because when you own an Ikea Lamp the only bloody Lightglobes that fit it are from Ikea :/
  •  A Wok. Because my Boyfriend at the time suggested I needed a bigger pan for him to cook in – He didn’t like what I had. ( That Pan has recently gone in the Bin with the rest of the now EX Boyfriends stuff) 
  •  And more of those 99 cent vases. I already own 8. I bought three more.

I always see Ikea as being “Bargain Central” until you get to the register and realise you have just spent $136.10 on random crap that you really don’t need. Then it’s the walk out after you have got your arms full of crap and think “Hey let’s go get one of those $1 hot dogs” – Because they have so much nutritional value in them I will feel complete. I do this. My body always hates me after, along with whatever clothing I have on because I ALWAYS end up with Tomato Sauce and Mustard on my boob.

Oh Yeah I ended up getting the table. And I put it together myself in under 45 minutes .

I was stoked.

 I’m now thinking as well that next to the ball pit where they have a collection of children that I believe you can purchase if you really want to, they should create a “Buy Yourself a Husband / Boyfriend” section or “Complimentary with Every Purchase” . A man around my house putting all the crap together would be grand – As long as he was as cheap as the 99 cent Vase and I would ensure I kept the receipt as well on that purchase at least Id be guaranteed I could return faulty items and get my hard earned cash back.