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Plus Size Propaganda

Do you want to know something that really grinds my gears?

This is it.

The “Plus Size” Debate when it comes down to women and dress sizes.

 On Wednesday the 28th of July Perth Fashion Festival had their launch and also disclosed that they will be showcasing “Real” women at the Festival this year.

 This is super fantastic news. Yes, it is I applaud the organisers of Perth Fashion Festival for acknowledging that women are not a size 6 built with no breasts, arse or random cottage cheese dimpling. I myself am looking forward to hopefully being able to be part of the audience for this Every Body Counts Event.

But on the other hand I am disgusted at a size 14 being called a Plus Size.

 FYI People. I go between a Size 12 and a Size 14.  I am 5’8 in height and within the BMI of a healthy body weight comparison. This does not make me Plus Size.

I am your standard average body size, I am not overweight and my body image is one that down the line I hope if I do ever have children they will know that it is normal. Not this bull shit size 4 -6 look that apparently has to be carried on everywhere.

It appears that the women who aren’t in the normal category ( or Plus size as they like to call it) are the ones that tell us beautiful women that we are a plus size, that we are unhealthy and they we are not up to the mark in being able to portray a good body image to young women today.

I personally would rather be held responsible for someone who is a little curvier – not overweight – get it right, – Than for the person who is now in a hospital being treated with anorexia or bulimia because she believed that being a size 4 was more important.

It is unfortunate that there are Fashion Designers out there like Alex Perry who is in my opinion a pig of a man for even suggesting that a size 12 is fat and that we would never use a model in our normal body weight. Alex Perry, I’ve seen some of your clothes and to be honest they ain’t all that anyway.

Furthermore what annoys me is journalists, and writers who carry on about this exact subject but have no understanding of it and just write about it because they think they Know what they are talking about, but let me tell you when they are sitting there writing out their article they aren’t eating a well prepped dinner or lunch or even having a cheeky piece of cake with their arvo cuppa. They are probably sitting there trying to work out how many calories are in their next glass of low fat water or some shit  so their image doesn’t widen beyond a size eight God Forbid. Seriously Ladies Here’s $2 go out and get a cheeseburger or something.

Plus Size does exist.

Yes it does but in reality, a plus size is that above the average dress size.

But in the World of Fashion a plus size is anything over some ability of being able to pass off as a stick figure.