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Friendships Circles

I have discovered in my 29 years upon this earth that every friendship I have ever had revolves around in a circle, and there are times when this circle ceases to exist.

I have come to realise that I have an enormous amount of friends – But in reality I dont really know if 
I honestly  “know” these people and if  I choose to call them my friends or are they just people that I happen to know through someone else who happens to know someone else etc etc.  

You realise that not every friendship you have is built to last forever, and not everyone is in the friendship because they just want to be friends with you. In recent years Ive discovered that some friendships are created due to someone else finding it beneficial to be friends with you whether its because they want to know someone you know, they want to get in with that hot chick  / guy that you happen to be friends with or you have connections that are beneficial to their business and they use you for progression or just general social integration.

Backstabbing, Undercutting and Jealousy are not qualities I look for in a friend, but it appears that slowly people I know happen to have acquired these.

In recent  times I myself have been called many of the above and more but this is based on what people have heard from one side of the story, rather  than presenting you with the opportunity to voice your opinion and give your truths as well.

Me writing this does not put an emphasis on just one person but it is a generalisation from my experiences in the big bad world in the time that I have happened to lived upon it.

Not everyone is as they appear.  I have always tried to see everyone in black and white, but as a wise friend of mine told me not so long ago you have to realise that people are also made up with a smattering of grey and sometimes you have to accept that.  And so it appears that, that rainbow I  was hoping for  full of colour has to have a covering of grey in order for me to fit into the current state of affairs.

Ill try but then again there is only a certain amount of time that you can be willing to be a sheep and go with what everyone else expects.