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Mr Just About Right…

So I met this Boy a while back … He’s Attractive, Smart, Endearing and Just about all those other qualities that you could pick in a guy if you had the choice.
He could be Mr Right.

But he’s not.

He’s Mr Just About Right.

He was here and now he’s not. That what makes him Mr Just About Right.

Seriously Distance is a Fucker. Distance in Australia is a total Fucker.
Also I know he will read this as he kind of fumbled and found my blog then queried as to why he isn’t in it.
Just a little bit awkward turtle.

Ok Thats enough for today …



Ive recently started using this word just a little too often to describe anything and everything. I realised how often when this conversation happened on Friday.

Putting the phone down.

Me  : “Awesomesauce”

Male Colleague in Office :  “Ill give you Awesomecauce”

Me :  “Cool,  then I can add it to my collection of awesomesauce that I have in my freezer – you know like Dexter ”

 Ah yep.