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New Years Resolutions Schmezolutions ..

1. Lose Weight

2. Stop Smoking

3. Stop Drinking

4.  Become Financially stable

5. Stay away from undesirable male persons.

The List  could go on.  Also ignore the above list. I am.

Also before you continue and correct my disrespect for the English Language I know I made up Schmezolutions , Im hoping it catches on for Twenty One Two (HOW SICK OF THAT ARE YOU ALREADY FOR GODS SAKE!) .

So many people see the New Year as a time to wipe the slate clean, have a fresh start, Buck up their ideas and get their shit together, I think its grand they do that each to their own . But I refuse to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not raining on your parade if you’re one of the New Year’s Resolution Hoarders, But how often do we make these resolutions and then never follow through.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen the unused hired out Gym Equipment in apartments that not even a fucking Gerbil should be living in, let alone a couple who feel the need to consume cardboard flavoured cereal with a side of stomach bacteria accomapanied by a decafe weak soy latte with a splash of wheat grass. These remain untouched and in reality only make for the creation of amusing Youtube clips of the cat  running on it at full speed.

I’ve also seen the now “Non-Smokers” sneak around the corner and say ” Go on don’t tell anyone” then expect you the person who made the RIGHT decision (Even if it was for the sanity of others around you)  to ‘Bum’ them a cigarette.

ALCOHOL. WINE. BEER. VODKA. SCOTCH and GIN, To name a few. The Devil in Disguise is always going to get you. Especially if your one of “those” people who go out for  a ‘Quiet’ drink and the next day find some hairy backed mammoth in your bed, bruises in unexplainable  regions on your person and a pool of what can only be described as LAST NIGHTS KEBAB or something similar on your bathroom floor. Maybe quitting isn’t for you, how about trying out the term Moderation before you practise the art of Quitting.

Saving money is a serious Art form . I am incapable of doing this. If you can do this I applaud you. If you are male and can do this , I double applaud you.  I also want your phone number ……

Last Point MALE DOUCHEBAGS . There are so many to choose from, I’ve been there and done that as you are all well aware and so many of my Girlfriends have, along with the Blokes who go out with the Female equivalant.

It’s always going to happen. You can’t make a resolution to avoid  rubbish members of the opposite sex.

You have to kiss a lot of Frogs to find a prince.

So there will be no New Year Resolutions from me this year.

Just More Blogging.


Mr Just About Right…

So I met this Boy a while back … He’s Attractive, Smart, Endearing and Just about all those other qualities that you could pick in a guy if you had the choice.
He could be Mr Right.

But he’s not.

He’s Mr Just About Right.

He was here and now he’s not. That what makes him Mr Just About Right.

Seriously Distance is a Fucker. Distance in Australia is a total Fucker.
Also I know he will read this as he kind of fumbled and found my blog then queried as to why he isn’t in it.
Just a little bit awkward turtle.

Ok Thats enough for today …

You’ve Got The Love..

This past week has basically been extremely crapola . Like I’m talking SUPER crapola, Remember thethe discussion with my mum  : “Shit happens but nobody expects Diarrhoea “.

I seriously copped the Diarrhoea this week.

Lucky for me I have some pretty amazingly awesome Friends and Family who have been my rock . Also there have been people who haven’t even known me for very long but they too have been gunning for me as well.

This song is for them , and if you feel like it crank it.


Is Chivalry Dead?

Definition according to the Oxford Dictionary.

 adjective •

(of a man or his behaviour) courteous and gallant, especially towards women. • relating to the historical concept of chivalry.

 The concept of chivalry is bordering along the lines of extinction in my opinion. I don’t expect a man to rock up like a Knight upon a White Steed, lay his coat down over the puddle, after he has executed the dragon and then proceeds to call me M’lady. This does not exist. And in actual fact I’d be a little uncomfortable with this.

Chivalry becoming a rarity isn’t exactly the sole fault of the male species I do believe in some cases us women have become victims of our own behaviour. These behavioural tendencies seem to hinder the title of “Lady” for so many women to obtain. I’m talking about the following not only from my own personal experience but from what I have observed on a day-to-day basis:

 • Excessive Drinking – The occasional wine, beer or spirit is a win. Getting absolutely shit faced, Participating in Beer Pong or Wheel of Goon, falling over because of your total inability of being able to hold your booze, and walking barefoot through the streets of Perth / Northbridge / Mount Lawley / Subiaco – Actually wherever does not exude class – in anyone. (Note: I never take my shoes off. I don’t care how much your feet hurt, if they hurt that much then you should never have worn those shoes out in the first place)

• Taking an interest in Sport – Particularly if you don’t know anything about the sport and only start watching it to impress a bloke. You will get caught out and this also may result in the need for the excessive drinking counterpart so you can wildly stand on a table waving your hands in the air shouting AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, – OI OI OI or Good Old Collingwood Forever ( if you’re doing the second one most men are going to take an instant wide berth )

 • Flashing your body parts – Again this is normally accompanied by the excessive drinking. Ladies neither myself nor the male population will show you any respect if you insist on flashing your boobs or your Vajayjay , the boys may cheer But they wont look at you as someone they want to take home to mum.

 • Swearing – Yes, Pot – Kettle – Black. I know I swear a bit – well actually a lot, and I need to stop. It’s not pleasant and it definitely isn’t ladylike. I know there are men out there that would tolerate this behaviour – but ladies they have no intention of dating you or marrying you.

Men nowadays have become so used to this kind of behaviour that the need to be chivalrous just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Women are so keen on being treated as an equal they are basically trying to compete with men in order to receive attention.

My experiences of men in Europe compared to those in Australia are quite different. But then again recently my track record with men hasn’t been that great.

Men who are gentlemen have: Immaculate manners, look after women, hold the door open, pull the chair out, hail a cab when its raining, give you their coat when its cold, Walk you to your doorstep, Call you the next day to make sure you’re got home ok, send flowers for no reason, call to see how your day went . These are the small things that seem to have dropped off slightly.

Germaine Greer kinda screwed us chicks over, along with the Bra Burners of the 60’s and 70’s. Their advocating an empowerment to women has meant that these days the door opening, the cab hailing and coat sharing sometimes gets confused with some sort of “patriarchal control.” ( thanks to a lovely friend for that last term 🙂 )

Ladies, it’s not control.

It’s awesome.

And I myself wish there were more men in the world willing to behave this way. I welcome it with open arms.

For the Love of Boys in Bands Part Deux

Today has been a great day.

A great day for Australian Music.

And an even better day for WA  Music.

This morning saw WA Local Original Band Village Kid perform Live on the roof of 94.5fm in Subiaco for the chance to be the support act to Bon Jovi.

They Won.

The band worked extremely hard for the opportunity putting every minute of every hour of every day into getting to where they currently are.

I can’t think of a better bunch or guys who deserve this opportunity more than them.

Photo Perth Now – Theo Fakos.

Much love to Aaron Malone, Michael Tan, Matt Bartel, Michael Burn and Matt Bell.

Kick some Arse on Wednesday.

For the Love of Boys In Bands

I dont normally do promotions on my blog. Actually I never do promotions on my blog. But in this instance I am making an exception.

Today I want you to take TWO Minutes of your time, whether it be after work , orin those last few minuites before you head home, after dinner, before you go to bed, in between checking your notifications on facecrack or DM’s on Twitter to vote for these amazingly talented boys to win a well deserved place Supporting Bon Jovi when they hit our Perth Shores on December 8th 2010.

The competition run by www.mix.com.au  gave local original Perth Bands the opportunity to Support Bon Jovi on the Perth Leg of their tour.

170 Bands entered the competition this was then whittled down to 8, with over 10,000 votes 4,000 of those occurring on the weekend, resulting in four bands qualifying to be in the final voting system to  support Bon Jovi.

Now we need you to support and vote for VILLAGE KID.

Village Kid was formed in Perth in late-2009, aiming to create a powerful funk-rock hybrid band combining passionate songwriting with unrivaled musicianship and live performance. Within just a few months, Village Kid had supported The Black Sorrows, played alongside Thirsty Merc on their new 2010 album tour, released their first EP “Colourul Girl’ to over 500 fans  and took 1st place in the Jazz Category of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition. Drum Media magazine described their first EP as “Phenomenal”, and they are now gearing up to record their first Album.

The band is made up of  the amazing Vocal Skills of Aaron Malone, Lead Guitarist Matt Bartel, Keyboard Michael Tan, Bass Guitarist Matt Bell and Drummer Michael Burn.

The dedication of the band is unfounded, with their combined experience and talent bring a train of musical beauty to your ears that makes you want to hit the  repeat button on your ipod continuously.

Get your voting shoes on & be in the chance to win tickets to Bon Jovi


Voting Closes at Midnight Wednesday the 1st of December 2010.

You can also listen to Village Kid’s New track “Troubled Times” after their Bio on the Mix page.

If not, just crank this one up instead.

Follow the Band on


Twitter – @villagekidband

Facebook – www.facebook.com/VillageKid

Myspace- www.myspace.com/VillageKidBand

Support Original Australian Music.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.

Last week was full on.    Like really full on.

I’m surprised my brain has had the capacity to keep up with what happened but  it did.

The week ended up presenting itself with some unusual surprises which all ended up being rather good. And yes, they were all on the manfront.

The craziness of  Saturday Night at Devilles for Halloween ended up with me basically talking the ear off one very attractive pilot who happened to be at the Halloween Party just by accident. My first line of conversation to him and his friend was “So are you two really pilots or is that your costume for tonite?” Of which the response I received was “No. We actually are and not long flew in all we wanted was to go out and told the taxi driver to take us somewhere where we were definitely going to have a good night”.

The conversation flowed from there along with the beers and champagne consumption which ended up with me having a brilliant conversation with an extremely well-mannered and lovely guy.

This lovely guy now has my number and we have been texting each other for the best part of the last week and we will be having dinner later on this week of which im rather excited about. Oh and I forgot to say , He’s English. But hey, you can’t tarnish them all with the same brush.


There is something else.

Before I go on I am not a hussy and I look at it as keeping my options open.

On the Friday night, BEFORE I met the dashing pilot, I was having a very innocent conversation with a guy I went to High School with on Facebook. Yes I know Facebook. But hey these things happen. We approached the subject of what was I doing for my 30th, Did I have any plans or was i just going to ignore it and pretend it wasnt happening.

I told him that I really didn’t have a clue and would work it all out in due course. This was then proceeded by a question of ” Well, I would actually like to take you out for Dinner for your Birthday if you havent got any Plans”.

This kind of threw me and I had to think a little bit about it. You see I havent even seen Mr. High School since I was 17, and to be honest I don’t really think I even associated with him that much back in the day either. What do you say? “Oh Yeah, Sure I’ll forget about all my family and friends and leave them to come have dinner with you” ( No, I’m not that much of a bitch that I said that).

In actual fact my reply was ” Thanks for the thought that’s really lovely and I will let you know” which I then added to the end of it “FYI. If you really want to take me out to dinner you know you don’t have to use my Birthday as an excuse”.

He then replied that he was rather embarrassed and just thought that it was an easy way to break the ice. I found this rather sweet and we did arrange to go out on Saturday night just gone for dinner but he had to go to Sydney for work at short notice, but I did get inundated with text messages from him telling me how sorry he was and how disappointed he was in not being able to take me out. He also added that he first stop back  from the airport would be to see me if it was ok with me.

Of course its alright with me.

Like I said. I’m keeping my options open. Just because you can go out for dinner or see people socially for a date does not mean you are sleeping with them or going to be sleeping with them (This I had to explain to my mother at great length, and trust me she is a hard woman to convince especially when I told her the Pilot was English ,  she practically hit the roof. )

So now we have another week ahead of us and hopefully I shall be seeing both of these men – Who are actually very different to each other.

First dates always make me feel like I’m about to spew forth butterflies

I’ll keep you posted as to what happens.