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The Singleton

This time last year I was in a Relationship.

Six months later I was turning Thirty thinking my world was ending and I was single.
Another six months on I’m still single, with a few hiccups in between (Actually they may have been bordeline of burps) BUT its ok.

The thing that isn’t ok is that the rest of my single friends seem to be dropping like flies.
Seriously, someone got a human version of Mortein (otherwise known as MAN) sprayed it around a bit and whacked a few of the coolest single chick friends I have smack bang around the head.

I may have been a contributing factor – Yes, if you have single chick friends you also have single bloke friends and inevitably they will meet each other and they will end up seeing each other.
But suddenly you end up having them grouped into the same classification as the other friends who are in relationships or are married or have kids. You end up only seeing them when they are together, this limits the conversations that you would normally have and also limits what you used to do.
No more hanging out down the pub checking out that cute dude’s butt when he walks past or having a good wingwoman to deal with “The Friend” whilst you talk to the one that is actually interesting. A Girl’s night becomes overshadowed with text messages and phonecalls to the significant other and the 4am’ers turn into “Shit its Twelve O’clock, I need to go home”.

Dont get me wrong, Im extremely happy for these ladies – more so for the fact that they deserve the happiness because of the shit they’ve been put through from previous dickheads who cant even be put into the classification of “Being a Man”.

But I go through a spate in time when I miss that. When I moved back from the UK, I had to rebuild my life get to know people again and start anew, those people then continued with the circle of life got married and started breeding, so I had to find more people to hang with, now that circle is beginning again and Im onto my third cycle.

Im trying to work out if its because Im super picky (Which to be honest, from recent experiences I really have dropped my game) or demand too much.
I like to think Im a pretty good catch, I can cook, clean, I like to watch a good game of Rugby, AFL and Football ( Soccer to those of you who are sport inept), I can handle a drink or two, Im well travelled, I have a rather ace job and the best bit …. Im a good spooner.

Then again I think I may just be having too much of a good time and the possibility of falling into that circle hasn’t been able to interject itself into my daily planner.

I know good things come to those who wait, for the meantime I’ll wait for it to come to me whilst I sip my red wine, don my Uggs and convert my verbal diarrhoea to this blog.


Comments on: "The Singleton" (5)

  1. Shelley Jo Rojas Saracin said:

    although you and I live in different worlds with a fair amount of difference in lifestyle, I understand what you mean.

    A legally-married but essentially single friend and I were talking the other night, and we basically discussed what you’re saying here, too. It’s nice to see it being written down. Nice to know that whether in Asia or in Europe, we do go through the same struggles.

  2. Bah! Damn coupled people. Damn them all!

  3. I’m married but can relate in the all my friends who used to come out and have fun are now all either with small children or are pregnant. Nights out are where it used to be dinner and dancing are now nights that end at 8:30 because babysitters are waiting. Coffee catchups are now apparently surprise I brought my kid and it’s going to run amock and I won’t be able to chat to you because I’m too busy looking after my devil child. Things that are meant to be one on one become a free for all. Parties are now kid-friendly. Frustrating when you’re one of the few childless couples left with no intention of procreating anytime soon.

    Tis depressing 😦 Sorry to hear about your situation. I think it all goes in waves. Different drama at different points in our lives.

  4. Keep that verbal diarrhea coming! Glad to have to back.

    And don’t fret the frustration with couples…I spent 5 years being the odd man out. Irritating at times but then again you also get to learn from them.

  5. Chin up, chook! x

    PS: New post soon?

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