A little bit of This "n" That

Girl Conversations 1.

Every now and then I’ve decided im going to post some of the Girl Conversations I end up having – Whether they be brief or long – So like a box of chocolates you won’t know what you’ll be getting, until you take the lid off.

Friday Night resulted in me heading over to a very close friends house straight after work for a quiet drink and a quick catch up. This ended up with us being slightly intoxicated and spending most of the evening gossiping and laughing – the laughter was nearly to the point of us crying.

Another mutual friend came over and one of the conversations that tickled my ribs slightly was this next one in a mini version.

Me to Friend 1 – ” Sooooo, you’ll never guess who came over to my place the other night?”

Friend 1 – “Who?”

Me – “The Bad Boy”( this is the name we are referring to him as just for the blog)

Friend 1 – “Hrrmmm – Next Subject.”

Friend 2 – ” So does this mean we are sleeping with him?”

Friend 1 – ” Us? Collectively? – No. No it doesn’t”

Me – “Oh dear”


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