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Is Chivalry Dead?

Definition according to the Oxford Dictionary.

 adjective •

(of a man or his behaviour) courteous and gallant, especially towards women. • relating to the historical concept of chivalry.

 The concept of chivalry is bordering along the lines of extinction in my opinion. I don’t expect a man to rock up like a Knight upon a White Steed, lay his coat down over the puddle, after he has executed the dragon and then proceeds to call me M’lady. This does not exist. And in actual fact I’d be a little uncomfortable with this.

Chivalry becoming a rarity isn’t exactly the sole fault of the male species I do believe in some cases us women have become victims of our own behaviour. These behavioural tendencies seem to hinder the title of “Lady” for so many women to obtain. I’m talking about the following not only from my own personal experience but from what I have observed on a day-to-day basis:

 • Excessive Drinking – The occasional wine, beer or spirit is a win. Getting absolutely shit faced, Participating in Beer Pong or Wheel of Goon, falling over because of your total inability of being able to hold your booze, and walking barefoot through the streets of Perth / Northbridge / Mount Lawley / Subiaco – Actually wherever does not exude class – in anyone. (Note: I never take my shoes off. I don’t care how much your feet hurt, if they hurt that much then you should never have worn those shoes out in the first place)

• Taking an interest in Sport – Particularly if you don’t know anything about the sport and only start watching it to impress a bloke. You will get caught out and this also may result in the need for the excessive drinking counterpart so you can wildly stand on a table waving your hands in the air shouting AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, – OI OI OI or Good Old Collingwood Forever ( if you’re doing the second one most men are going to take an instant wide berth )

 • Flashing your body parts – Again this is normally accompanied by the excessive drinking. Ladies neither myself nor the male population will show you any respect if you insist on flashing your boobs or your Vajayjay , the boys may cheer But they wont look at you as someone they want to take home to mum.

 • Swearing – Yes, Pot – Kettle – Black. I know I swear a bit – well actually a lot, and I need to stop. It’s not pleasant and it definitely isn’t ladylike. I know there are men out there that would tolerate this behaviour – but ladies they have no intention of dating you or marrying you.

Men nowadays have become so used to this kind of behaviour that the need to be chivalrous just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Women are so keen on being treated as an equal they are basically trying to compete with men in order to receive attention.

My experiences of men in Europe compared to those in Australia are quite different. But then again recently my track record with men hasn’t been that great.

Men who are gentlemen have: Immaculate manners, look after women, hold the door open, pull the chair out, hail a cab when its raining, give you their coat when its cold, Walk you to your doorstep, Call you the next day to make sure you’re got home ok, send flowers for no reason, call to see how your day went . These are the small things that seem to have dropped off slightly.

Germaine Greer kinda screwed us chicks over, along with the Bra Burners of the 60’s and 70’s. Their advocating an empowerment to women has meant that these days the door opening, the cab hailing and coat sharing sometimes gets confused with some sort of “patriarchal control.” ( thanks to a lovely friend for that last term 🙂 )

Ladies, it’s not control.

It’s awesome.

And I myself wish there were more men in the world willing to behave this way. I welcome it with open arms.


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  2. Chivalry may be near extinction…in some cases, but don’t count it out just yet. I’m not sure how things are there (or well…maybe I am a little from your examples) but I’ve been fortunate enough to see these acts in play while out on the town.

    Though I can not say enough how much I enjoyed you examples of why (women) have allowed chivalry to take a back seat. I do see a few exceptions to your rule however.

    I oddly (frighteningly almost) respect a woman who swears. As long as it is done in a proper setting. Sports game, Yes. Lunch with the grandparents, No.

    One of my favorite memories when dating this one girl, during college, was when we cuddled together on my balcony and shared a cigar. Don’t ask me why, but I can’t do anything BUT respect a girl who enjoys a cigar.

    As for getting blitzed on some booze. I can understand the need to indulge once-in-a-while. And if I really like a girl, who is exceeding her blood alcohol levels, I go into protective mode than disrespect mode. I’ll make sure no one messes with her and take it upon myself to claim responsibility over her safety.

    By the way, I not only still open door (car and other) for my dates, but when getting ready for a date I will consciously make sure I’m wearing an extra layer to offer should my date get cold.

    Just sayin’.

    I used to go out with one of my best guy mates and we would deliberately find a bar that we could sit on the balcony drink scotch and smoke cigars 🙂

    I swear quite a bit – but have realised I do need to tone it down just a tad – Totally Agree with not swearing in front of the parentals or the grandparents – It definitely will not win you any fans.

    “By the way, I not only still open door (car and other) for my dates, but when getting ready for a date I will consciously make sure I’m wearing an extra layer to offer should my date get cold. ”

    — This comment from you has just moved you into my favourite people list. A man who opens the door, and goes out of his way to make sure his date is comfortable is total awesome.

    Damn you for being in Kansas!

    • Hahaha. Why am I immediately to blame? What about you being across an entire ocean where, in relation to me, you’re in the future…huh? 😉

      You just won me over with cigars AND scotch. I’m training myself to enjoy a good scotch (I’m more of a gin or vodka guy), but deep deep respect to anyone who appreciates a well-aged scotch and a musky cigar.

      Oh, I think we’re going to get along brilliantly.

  4. Two Words Matthew –


    Total Winner 🙂

    PS – Coming from the future I can also tell you that you dont win the Lottery tonight either .

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