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A Right to Reply.

Below is the current Facebook Status of quite a few of my Facebook Friends.

Some I have chosen to delete other I have chosen to comment on and a few I have just chosen to ignore.

This is the status that was being posted followed by my right to reply.

“Indonesian Tsunami..Australia gives $1 billion in aid, Pakistan floods..Australia gives $66.5 million in aid. THE WORST floods in Australian history destroys homes, towns, life and businesses…Australian government donates a lazy $1 million.. pull your finger out of your ass Anna Bligh and Gillard start looking after your own, post this to try & make them wake the hell up! Other countries may donate too “

Facebook Friends,

 Both of these situations hit THIRD WORLD countries who physically did not have the funding to help themselves.

We must thank our lucky stars that WE are not a Third World Country who must solely rely on the assistance of other nations to help us in a time of crisis such as the one that we find ourselves currently in.

 With 75% of Queensland classified as a natural Disaster zone ( For those of you in the US this is the ENTIRE  State of Texas and for those of you in the UK – It’s the UK five times over) the extent of the damage clearly cannot be assessed in a dollar value at such an early stage. Our Government have said they are prepared to do whatever it takes to assist the people of Queensland.

Anna Bligh,  has proven herself to be an amazing leader in this time of heartache and disaster and is keeping level-headed in attempting to be a backbone to her state as well as she can.

The Queensland Government itself has only a limited State Budget that can be used in allocation in such dire times. Hence why there is the opportunity to DONATE to the cause of which the last time i looked the tally was over $32 MILLION DOLLARS.

For reference the USA have offered us assistance.

Please check these things before posting this kind of status. Instead, try posting a link on how people can actually help would be more proactive and positive thing to do.

In addition just for this blog – If you would like to assist victims of the Queensland Floods please click on the link below and donate – Every Little Helps.



Comments on: "A Right to Reply." (4)

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  2. Very well said!!!

  3. could not agree more, not to mention that a lot of people focus on purely the dollar figure of cash given as support, these narrowed vision fools don’t both to put any monetary value upon the assistance from the army, the food drops organised, the shelters set up, call centres and other things available to try and get people in contact with their loved ones, etc etc.

    Those narrowed minded ones are probably the same people that when Tony Abbott said “with the amount of money it is costing with the QLD floods, now is the time to see the waste of money the NBN is”, they said “yes, good point Tony, Julia hasn’t a clue”
    They are all idiots whose priorities are not set right

  4. aroomofheroine said:

    Below is a list of some of the donations from government and corporations:


    While the Federal Government cash contribution is listed as a million dollars, this is actually old news from the 30th of December:

    It didn’t seem like much at the time, which is probably what got up people’s noses.

    In light of the worsening flood conditions throughout Qld,since that report from TWO WEEKS ago, I believe that Australia’s Federal government will donate considerably more.

    But a direct cash injection into the Qld Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal funds is only one way in which the Federal Government is able to assist in the short term.

    If you take a quick look at the Centrelink website, you will see that assistance is being provided for those affected by the floods:

    There are probably numerous other measures that the Federal Government is undertaking to help Qld, and I don’t pretend to know what they all are, but I bet providing ADF personnel and equipment to help in rescues is one thing.

    Short and long term assistance is required to get Queensland back on her feet, and I’m sure the Federal Government will do the right thing.

    It would be un-Australian (as we like to say) not to.

    Australians care.

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