A little bit of This "n" That

Ok Yes Im rubbish I havent posted for over a week.

This is because this part of the blog actually stumped me big time.

As much as I wanted to say it was one of my parents  or another relative or friend or a piece of music or art,  I  couldn’t make up my mind.  

I also felt that none of these people or things have made me into the person that I am today as much as what I am going to talk to you about now.

The UK.

I know. It’s a place.

But I was there for 9 years. The start of my “Adult Life” began in this place two weeks before my 18th Birthday. I left Perth with delusions of Grandeur and high expectations of a place where I had never been before and also knew no-one. I ended up in a small village as a Nanny to a family who had three children under three ( the third of which was only born a week before I landed in the UK)

This started my journey of what I thought was only going to be a year or two adventure of which in the end ended up being my life for nine years.

I met the most amazing people while I was away, had the privilege of going across to many different countries in Europe , obtained an education in quality music rather than a load of pop crapola.

I also had my heartbroken, learnt to fend for myself when there was no-one else to help me, cried at Christmas and Birthdays because there was no family but also treasured those around me that helped through the tough times when I couldn’t deal with it myself.

There are so many people who I talk to nowadays who will quite happily slag off the Motherland and its population who actually have never been there or experienced the lifestyle and the fantastic opportunities that it has to offer and I stand up for the “Land of the Queen” with as much patriotism as I would when those “Poms” would dish out and call us convicts.

I never went to University. My experiences have been life experiences of which if I had never made that great leap across the water I don’t think I would be the person who I am today


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