A little bit of This "n" That

Getting Back On The Saddle

So Ive decided to get back onto the horse and take up the world of  Dating again.

It needs to be done.

Its either that or I turn into the Crazy Cat lady sitting at home on a weekend night eating my Lean Cusine,  whilst watching some dodgy film accompanied by a bottle of Shiraz or SSB depending on how adventurous I feel on the night.

This will now evidently give my friends the opportunity to pimp me out along with me checking out every man that I see and viewing his left hand hand before he becomes a potential date.

Oh and before you suggest it … I am not signing up to eHarmony or RSVP  or Match.com. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I know others do and they have been successful. But meh its not my thing.

The impending date of my 30th Birthday (which is in exactly two months whilst I write this mini entry) is actually the motivator for me.

It also means I am now back in a place where I could just about manage to squeeze out a bit of trust for someone else now  and it also means others wont have to treads on eggshells around me .

Let’s just hope this current “Wanker Flood”  ( Not Man Drought) fades away  and some progression begins.

Ill keep you posted .


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