A little bit of This "n" That

So. Superheroes.

I was never into Superheroes as a child . I wasnt your standard Ninja Turtle, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shera, He-Man, IronMan or Gi-Joe Obsessive.

I loved my Barbie Dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids , My Little Pony and my Strawberry Shortcake Family so to me it’s not something I’m really passionate about.

But then I thought well if everyone else is writing about a Superhero and the blog instructions tell me I have to, I’m actually going to pick an alternative option for you, because the whole idea stemmed from a comic and I’m a little fascinated by it. ( clearly this fascination has been obtained as I’ve gotten older and I didn’t know about this while I was cutting Barbies head off)


In the 40th century , Barbarella  is assigned by the President of Earth  to retrieve Doctor Durand-Durand  from the planet Tau Ceti in order to save the Earth. On her quest, Barbarella is seduced by Mark Hand  who introduces her to penetrative intercourse, something she is unaware of, since civilized people of Barbarella’s society find their sexual release through pharmaceuticals. In turn, she seduces an angel named Pygar  She visits SoGo, a decadent city ruled over by the Great Tyrant, and powered by a liquid essence of evil called the Mathmos. She is captured, and overloads a torture device called the Excessive (or “Ex-sex-sive”) Machine, which kills through sexual pleasure. Barbarella survives the ordeal and is visibly disappointed when it is discovered she has overloaded the machine.

Do you know what? You should just check out the film. Jane Fonda is hot as Barbarella, and the scene with the Ex-Sex-sive Machine in it is acepants.  

To me she symbolises the fact that  all women are superheroes especially when using their sexual prowess correctly 😉


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