A little bit of This "n" That

So Its Day Four. I know I am being a productive little bunny arent I.

I have ALOT of habits , Bad ones – Smoking , Drinking, Biting my nails, A Bad habit for Bad Boys , Untidy ( Get it right im a little untidy not dirty , well not dirty in that kind of way).


No. My habit isnt Drugs. But I thought we could all do with a singalong.

 The one habit I have is consistently saying “YES” to everyone and everything.

It appears to be a great idea at the time, Im like:

” Of course Ill help you do that”

“No worries, I’ll Be there you can count on me”

“You need $10, Ok well I have $10.10 left in my bank account but thats cool, You can have it.”

“Yes. I will follow you around like a grovelling , lovesick puppy  and when you say Jump I will say How high”

I never say yes expecting that I’ll get something back  or do it to get somewhere or to be your new bestest and awesomest friend or to be the grandest Girlfriend in the world, or the greatest salesperson that you’ve ever met.

I normally do it because, I think it will make me happy to see others around me achieve what they aspire , along with the fact that I enjoy other peoples happiness.

Unfortunately It has recently come back to bite me in the Arse.

 Big Time.

The Habit of Saying Yes is now being turned around into saying “NO”.Its not that I dont like you and that I dont want to Help, I just think my own self worth and mental stability is more valuable than endeavouring to please everyone all of the time.

Peace Out .



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