A little bit of This "n" That

And here we go.

Just secretly I started to write about my Twitter user name then remembered this wasnt what it was supposed to be about haha. Seriously I went on for like half a page about why I had the name @Shelly1912 as my user name and then realised I was doing it wrong.

Anyhoo, The Word From Soia is basically as it reads. Its words from me, sentences and phrases and opinions about what I want to write and sometimes what I think you will enjoy reading.

Soia is my last name if you were wondering.

Its Italian descent and is pronounced like S-A-W-Y-E-R or putting it into a sentence “HEY! I Saw – ya over there”.

Comparitive Words for you :

Soya Sauce

Tom Sawyer

Soya Bean

SOIA – The BAND – Yes there is a band that has my surname as its title

But quite simply The Word from Soia is always the truth out of my mouth and hence why it is titled this way.



Til tomorrow Lovers.


Comments on: "Day Two. Its all In the Blog Name." (2)

  1. Hehehe I love it. Especially the bits where you write what your surname is. Soya bean in particular. Because it reminds me of something rude. Michelle’s Soya Bean. Get it? *rolls eyes at self*

  2. Teehee Thats funny 🙂

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