A little bit of This "n" That

Can men and women be “just friends,” or is sexual attraction between the sexes always inevitable?

This is a question that appears to be continually asked and answered on a multitude of different platforms throughout the generations.

I myself always used to believe that guys and gals could be just friends, mainly because I have some considerably firm and long lasting friendships with some rather cool guys. 

That ideal was held with quiet a few of the other Peter Pan beliefs that I had in my life up until recently and on numerous occasions other people have made a point of saying that NO men and women cannot be platonic friends without some sort of indication towards a sexual attraction.

You will find there are several different groups of the Friends of the Opposite Sex These all have different situations for everyone, I’m just making an observation from things I’ve heard, experienced and seen:

A)      Life Buddies Friendships

Guys and Girls who are both single and have been mates for years. Mates like Brother and sisters mates and nothing more. This friendship is normally the best example of a FOS relationship. (Sometimes harder than gold dust to find)

B)      Her and the Married Man Friendship

Guys who are married or in a LTR and Girls who are single being mates.

Hrm Dodgy line to cross. Unless the Wife / GF  is pretty laid back  and doesn’t mind the two of you going out on the lash until 4 in the morning  together, without her …… Yeah Trust me from personal experience this one doesn’t really work. It’s only going to end in tears even if the friendship was always platonic.

C)     Taken Women and Single Blokes

            Girls who are married or in a LTR and Guys who are single mates.

      This is basically a rarity only for the fact that the  Husband / BF knows what he was like when he was single and sees that in the guy who his Mrs is friends with. That dude ain’t ever gonna let you go out drinking with his woman. Accept Defeat in this case.

D)     Ex Friendships

Girls and Guys who used to be in a relationship together and are now friends.

This I don’t get. The dude has seen you naked. Knows all your ugly bits and beautiful bits and you cant be together in a relationship but you can be friends. Also this means you are friends with them when they meet someone new.  Yeah. Nah.  When it’s over. Finish it off like a bandaid and don’t go getting the Dettol to fix it. This kinda friendship is like the Dettol. It disinfects, wipes clean the past but it doesn’t make it better for long.

E)       Gay Friendships.

Blatantly I love these.  If one of the friends in the Friendship is attracted to the same sex you’re basically ok and you will never be referred to as a home wrecker or a whore. Plus the double bonus is they won’t ever hit on you.

But then you know we are all adults and our decisions and our friendships are our own Choices. I’m not telling you who you can be friends with, I’m just merely making an observation.

But I wonder how many of you out there have had problems when it came to your FOS and how many of your FOS relationships changed due to your relationship status with someone else.


Comments on: "FOS – Friends of the Opposite Sex" (1)

  1. Ally and I are getting along without any hint of sexual tension. Mind you its only been 3 nights so far.

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