A little bit of This "n" That


So that’s what happened.

My boyfriend turned out to be a Lying Cheating Cad.

 I think I also hold the record for being able to call someone a C*nt a large number of times in the one sentence

This being the first time I have ever had to deal with a cheater in a relationship. I took it VERY badly.

Mainly because I honestly could never do it to someone else and just couldn’t fathom how someone could do it to me, and it also makes you think that clearly you are at fault and there is something wrong with you.

 Dear Men,  What the hell goes through your head and possesses you to go and seek solace in the arms of another women (even the ugly ones, yeah seriously).Because clearly Rocking out with your Cock out to someone else who isn’t the one that you are in a relationship with is just so down with the cool kids isn’t it.

Yeah I don’t bloody well think so.

 Just setting the record straight – there was no reason for this to have occurred.

The guy was looked after, all needs were fulfilled and I basically worshipped the ground he walked on without getting to the point of smothering him.

When asked why it had happened, the response was “I don’t know” it just happened.

What it just happened the first time or the numerous times after that he accidentally happened to have his pants come undone and fall into bed with this other woman.

What possesses people to cheat when there is no given reason for the infidelity to have occurred?

 Why go for a burger when you have steak at home?

 I actually even offered to TAKE HIM BACK.

 Ok you can stop shouting at the screen how silly I am now.

He has now gone off to find himself. Ok because he’s so upset and mentally anguished  by the whole incident.

Yeah Whatever.

 After a few weeks of thinking I’ve come to realise that there are NO good excuses for someone to be a cheater.

A cheat never prospers. They are the scum of the earth.

Also a cheat only cheats himself because it means he doesn’t get to be with you.


Comments on: "He’s just not that into you ……… If he’s having sex with someone else." (3)

  1. God, what a doucheclown! It’s awful, and no girl should have to go through that. No guy should either. I can’t give any answers, cause I’m not a girl, and I’m not a cheater.

    I know my partner got cheated on by a previous partner. I can’t understand why as I think he’s the best thing… well, ever.

    I hope you get stronger as a result of this, and the next time you see him, he’s fat and miserable or with some ugly ass chick. Because despite being grown, responsible, adults, we all like to know we’re a lot better off without them, and they’re a lot worse off without us.

    ❤ & hugs & red wine.

  2. thanks Love. Its also funny you say your current other half had his previous partner cheat on him. This one had it done to him twice before so youd think he’d know what it feels like and reasons for not doing it. Oh well.
    Onwards and upwards.

  3. I never even looked at another girl the whole time I was with T. Even my sexy dreams were about her.

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