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Cheer Up Emo Kid

How is it possible that one person can make you feel so uplifted, happy and ecstatic in one day and then the next like a total worthless piece of shit to the point where all you want to do is cry and hide away and along with that the mere thought of trying to consume food to keep you going makes you want to constantly vomit ?

Mentally you know that you aren’t the bad person and they are the ones that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on, but then again that’s easier said than done. Sometimes the person that hurts you the most is the one that you want to turn to for comfort and refuge, because you think if you can make it all better and fix everything like you always do you will go back to being that happy, smiling and positive person that the world wants you to be.

I want to be that person again.

Its going to take some time.

Currently the only things that are keeping me going are Caffeine, Cigarettes, Wine and supportive messages from my friends.

This Emo Kid will cheer up soon. Here’s Hoping.


Comments on: "Cheer Up Emo Kid" (2)

  1. You stick in there Michelle, you’re a smart, beautiful woman and although it doesn’t feel like it right now, you’ll move past this and emerge a stronger person.
    We like to think that we are your friends (casual acquaintances/twitterati?!) and we think you’re amazing! 🙂 So take your time, Emo kid, and remember that we are there for you if you need us!

    Simon and Marie xoxo

  2. Thank you x You two are awesome and the support i have had from everyone has been fantastic I really appreciate it x

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