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A New Beginning

So 2010 sees  not only a new year but a new decade ahead of us.

For the majority of the population 2009 was more than likely a year full of good times, great friends and fantastic memories. I too have those but for me there were a few dark areas that werent even bordering on a shimmering of grey they were black, totally black. But then I think I could have made them lighter if I had of had more direction or more initative to make the best out of some of the worst situations.

2010 will see a start to a more positive attitude in everything I do, who I associate with, the actions that I do and the behaviour that comes from those actions.

Dont get me wrong, I am blessed to know some of the most amazing people I have ever met. My life has been made full by the experieces they have shared with me.

I am also blessed to have met some of the worst people. They are the kind that make you sit up and smell the coffee and realise you needed them in your life for that one split second to reaffirm that you are better off without them and there are better things out there for you.

I have no regrets. Your life is what you make it and what you surround yourself with. The people who surround you should only be filled with optimism, get rid of the bad eggs, they make your life smell if they hang around too long.

So this Blog will be filled with updates on how I intend to improve my life along with instances and situations that may bring a smile to your face or a little bit of a cringe now and then, but hopefully 2010 will see everything in a new light that is evaded of the black and has a bit more sunshine streaming through.


Comments on: "A New Beginning" (4)

  1. The french man said:

    Thanks for your words of wisdom… Seems that from wherever you are, people are pretty much the same… We meet assholes and good people. The right question is indeed: what’s good for me? And the right action is to grasp it and grab it… and leave the trash outside!Always easier to say than to do! However, you seem to have jumped on the right track!
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!
    Keep on writing and bring us the good word!
    Go Girl Go!

  2. Looking forward to it 😉

  3. bring it, Soia bea!

  4. Rashid Loof said:

    Hello. What inspirational words. I have printed them out to show to my family. Hope you will be writing more soon. Maybe post some pretty photos of your head next time. Rashid.

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